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     David Allen has completed numerous Tenant Improvement Construction jobs for Aspen Properties.  David listens to both the customer and the client. 

He is understanding and patient with the construction process, providing solutions when needed.  Most importantly, he is on time, on budget, with no change orders following through with the work that he promises to deliver.

- Lucian Morehead

     “Responsive” is  the first term that comes to my mind about David Allen and his company, David H. Allen, Inc..  So much so that I don’t really think of him as a contractor…but rather as a trusted member of my team.

As I see David, his attitude is always positive.  He approaches all of our construction needs and requests enthusiastically.  He is sensitive to the needs of both our tenants and our owners and investors.

That said, he is also very pragmatic.  I see him and his employees as ‘watching my back’ and making practical recommendations all along, particularly on the rare occasion when unforeseen design challenges or construction issues arise.

In summary, I greatly trust David and his company, David H. Allen, Inc. and recommend them highly.  He is a pleasure to work with and I see our relationship continuing well into the future.”

- W. Robert Wendt
Vice President, Verde Corporate Realty Services

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